a coworker had this once with VS.NET and unfortunately wasn't able to find a
workaround. So he had to reinstall. I personally had a case when my popup
stopper software prevented the opening of the browser after I pressed F5...
that took me awhile to notice :)

Best regards,

Marc Höppner

"Edgar Okioga" <edgar.okiogaundp.org> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I recently changed the name of my XP laptop and hell broke
> loose. I cannot debug any asp.net application (framework
> version v1.0.3705).
> Good news, I can debug using the manual method of
> attaching the aspnet_wp.exe process. I have followed all
> recommendations as found on a number of pages where people
> have faced the same error. However, my problem persists.
> Any tips?