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    Default "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    This has been happening a lot and I would really like to alleviate this problem.

    InDesign frequently crashes and quits on me during print jobs, either to PDFs or to a printer. I've noticed that the progress bars most commonly froze (then InDesign quit) during the display of these messages:

    "Downloading procset"
    "Downloading font"
    "Downloading resource"
    "Generating PDF"

    I would suspect a memory problem. However, Apple Hardware Test says that both of my memory chips are fine. Here are my system specs:

    Model: iMac
    OS: Mac OS X Version 10.4.3
    Processor: 1.25GHz PowerPC G4
    Memory: 512 MB DDR SDRAM

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This computer is at my business and it would make workflow go a lot faster. Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    Does this happen on any file, or just on certain files? Are the files it crashes on large, complex files?

    I ask, because 512K isn't a lot of memory with you're running InDesign and handling large complex files.

    Also, Apple's hardware test disk, while helpful, is not totally definitive. For that you need testing on specialized equipment.

    Also, have done the usual OS maintenance routines, i.e., repairing permissions and checking the directory (with Apple's Disk Utility, or with a third-party directory repair utility, such as Disk Warrior)?

    Don Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    I have run the Disk Utility and DiskWarrior, and I've even reinstalled InDesign a few times, but to no avail.

    I came to the point where I had to install InDesign on another computer (with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 768MB DDR SDRAM) and it printed and made PDFs just fine the first few times I did it, but then it started crashing the exact same way as on the first computer after a while.

    I've noticed that it can make one good PDF after crashing about 3 times then asking me if I want to start automatic recovery, to which I answer no. After that, it can make a PDF once, but then it starts crashing again.

    I can't tell you what the complexity of the files are. It's crashed on files with loads of graphics, but then other times, it's crashed on small files with a little bit of text and maybe one small non-EPS graphic.

    Our business is on a network, too, if that helps. Some graphics (but not that many) are linked on another computer. Perhaps that adds to the problem? Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    Oh yes, and for some reason, my Disk Utility will not start up. It says a background process didn't initialize correctly, something to that effect. Is there a way to reinstall Disk Utility, or is there something else I can do?

    I am running DiskWarrior and rebuilding my directory as we speak. Before running it, it said that less than 1% of my disk was out of order. I'll just run it again to make sure. Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    OK, I just run Disk Utility from the OS X DVD, and it said "1 HFS volume repaired" but then it also said, "1 volume could not be repaired." This is after checking my main hard drive. I verified it after and it still said "The volume iMac3 needs to be repaired." Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    Looks like you may have an OS problem... Have you tried backing up your files and reinstalling the OS..? If not try this.. Then run Software Update and update to the current version of OS X. Finally re-run dusk utility to repair permissions.

    The current version of OS X is 10.4.7. Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)


    What kind of a report did you get from DiskWarrior when it was done? It's very possible that DW can repair a directory that Disk Utility cannot.

    But it's also possible, as richarde pointed out, that you have a serious OS problem that can't be repaired by utilities such as DW and Disk Utility (which basically only deal with the directory structure).

    As far as your question about linked graphics across a network: Networks can and have occasionally been a source of problems in working with InDesign, depending on what network, what version ID, etc. I doubt it's the problem here, but it would be very simple to test that hypothesis. Take one of the crashing docs with network links, make a copy of it (so you don't muck up the original), and transfer the graphics from the network server to the same location as the local links, and relink them. Then, with all links now local, try printing or making a PDF and see if it still fails. If not, then the network may indeed be the source of the problem. If it still fails, then you have to keep looking.

    Don Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    I downloaded the Mac OS X 10.4.7 Update and the installer runs, but there's one problem: When it asks me to choose a destination drive, I have no choices. There is nothing to choose.

    I think I should take the easy way out and save a lot of frustration by just reinstalling the OS. If after reinstalling it I'm still having problems, I'll let you know.

    Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated. Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    The real question is: Why does a brand-new copy of InDesign start crashing within an hour of use on a 2-week old reinstallation of Mac OS X? Guest

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    Default Re: "Unexpected" InDesign crashes (printing errors?)

    Could be HD problems... When you open up Disk Utility what is the S.M.A.R.T status of the drive..?

    If its anything less than verified you may need to get it checked out at your local Apple Store. If it appears 'verified' there may have been problems with the initial re-install of the OS. Try installing it again and run the OS update through Software Update and see what happens.. Guest

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