I have a Registration Form that have 3 steps. The data could be inserted into
many (4) tables. Some data corresponding to a one table (the main or master
table that have an id field neccesary for all tables, is the foreign key
field). Actually I have 4 transactions and 3 Link transactions to chain all
process. The issue is that:
When the first transaction is completed, the id is passed correctly to the
next table (first link transaction), however, with the second transaction the
id passed is the primary key of the second table.
I did the next recordset :
SELECT id_registro FROM registro ORDER BY id_registro DESC Limit 1
tryng to use the last ID inserted in the main Table (registro) in all of the
rest transctions. In each one, im declare the value for id_registro field
(common for all the tables) which the result of the query above

I'm using Developer Toolbox for DW CS3

Could you help me?