Coldfusion 8
SQL Server 2008
Through a firewall
One table
One clustered Unique Identifier
Four non-clustered unique Filtered indexes.

This has been working fine until last Friday.

I'm using frames, but it should make no difference. I'm leaving the user with one of the columns that they can update. This column is one of the non-clustered indexes.

User updates through coldfusion but the information does not return to the web for approximately 10 minutes. I'm using dummy info for now so there is less than a 100 records.

When I update the record, I can see that the database accepts the change immediately. There is a trigger on the main table to push the old record to archive, but again, I don't see where this would cause this delay.

I'm going to fool around with the indexing, but I don't understand how this was working instantly, and now it's not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.