I'm currently using DW8 (trial) and CFMX 6.0. I didn't used to have this
problem with DWMX (not that I noticed anyway) so it could be I need to post on
those (the Dreamweaver) forums. If so, just say the word and I'll move the

The problem is that pages aren't displaying changes after they've been
updated. Or at least, they're doing it very erratically. For instance, I can
change a page, do a Put, refresh the browser and it's still displaying the old
page. Go to another PC, load the page, and it's still displaying the old page.
Go to the server and open a browser and it still displaying the old page.
Sometimes an undetermined amount of time later, the page will mysteriously
update. This is after I've verified that the changed page is actually on the
server. Deleting the page and immediately reuploading it didn't work.
Deleting the page then refreshing game me a CF error that the page couldn't be
found, and then when I put the page back, I had to reboot the server to get the
error to go away. It kept saying the page couldn't be found even after I
manually copied the file to the correct folder.

I've had this problem with JSP and Servlets before, and usually I just restart
the server, but I haven't figured out a way to do that in CF. Also, loading up
the changed page in DW7 and doing a Put seems to result in an updated page
every time.

Just to get rid of the obvious, I've cleared the cache, history, deleted all
offline files, set all browsers tested to get a new version of the page EVERY
time, etc. I found one knowledgebase entry regarding this issue, which of
course points fingers everywhere except at the development/server software.
The server is local, the site is our intranet. Opening a new browser window
and even rebooting the client machine have no effect. Even rebooting the
server didn't work immediately the first time I tried it. After about 20
minutes of searching the KB, I did another refresh and the updated page was
shown. It's also not a case of it going to the wrong folder because it does
work when it feels like it.

My theory is that for some reason the server is caching everything once and
only checking for updated content occassionally instead of when an update is
posted. It definitely seems to be server side, since the browsers on multiple
PC's (multiple browsers even...IE, FF, and Opera) all get the same result.

Long-winded, I know. I'd appreciate some advice. This issue is causing my
development time to increase 100 fold. If there is anything further I can
provide to help narrow down the issue, please let me know.