I have a DataGrid that is configured to use the Edit/Update/Cancel concept
correctly. My grid shows values from 5 database fields. I only need to
update that last 4 fields. The last field is a Yes/No value in Access.

Using the OleDbCommand, if I do not consider the Yes/No field, the
ExecuteNonQuery command, using my UPDATE SQL statement, updates the record
correctly. However, if I put the Yes/No field into the mix, ExecuteNonQuery
returns 0 (0 records updated).

The Yes/No field in Access is setup to show checkboxes in the database
itself. I have tried setting the value to update to "on"/"off",
"yes"/"no", -1/0, and none of these seem to work. Anyone have any idea how
to update this type of field?

Thanks for any help.