On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 12:39:22 -0700, "JohnL"
<johnlaidlawnospamtalk21.com> wrote:
>I have several situations where I have a subform with
>input text boxes that need to update the record whenever
>data is input into any of them automatically when the
>user exits the text box, either to go to another box on
>the same subform or to another form.
>I am not sure of the most appropriate proceedure to do
>this? Do I need to put something like a <docmd.RunCommand
>acCmdSaveRecord> on one of the events for each of the
>text boxes. If so which is the right event? However this
>seems inelegant if there are several text boxes. Should I
>therefore use one of the events for the subform itself?
>However as this is a subform (and therefore actually a
>control I think?), does this work.
>Whats best. Thanks in anticipation