I know this question has been asked time and time again, but I wanted to take
the topic a step further.

I know in order to update templates (dwt's) in a Contribute-based site, you
have to:

* Download the site locally if it's a remote site
* Update the pages with the revised template
* Reupload the site to the remote site

There just seems to me that there's got to be an easier way to do it than
this. Honestly, I would have used Server Side Includes when I switched to
using dwt's if I had fully understood that the site doesn't have some automated
way of updating the site through Contribute. Unfortunately, I didn't realize
this until part way through our redesign implementation, UGH.

I guess my question is, are there any plans in the next release of Contribute
to allow some automated way of updating the pages through Contribute when a
template is changed? To me this is a REALLY NEEDED feature. It now takes me
longer to make template updates than it did prior to using

Thank you - Lainie