David Turley <dturley_NO_WAY_pobox.com> wrote:
> Why doesn't apple admit up front that you can't upgrade an iMac to 10.2?
Which iMac model are you referring to? You can certainly upgrade
the flat screen iMacs to OS X 10.2; I did it on a neighbor's Mac.
No problem at all.
> Their marketing only claim the iMac is compatible. Yet, after you spend
> the money on the software, you get a readme that says you have to
> repartition because the OS won't install to an iMac if the partition is
> over 8gigs. Now I have to buy an external hardrive to backup all the
> data on the computer first.
> I don't consider repartitioning to be an "upgrade," that's a reinstall.
Whatever. You have another choice. Don't partition at all. Works fine.
Partitioning in a Mac OS X environment is usually pointless unless you
want to run different file systems on different partitions.