I had a problem where my upload form was not working on our production
server but was working on two other servers, after checking the phpinfo file
i saw that the others had file_uploads set to ON ON and in the production
server it was 1 1,
So I successfully changed my file_uploads value from 1 to ON via a .htaccess
file (php_value file_uploads ON), before it was giving me an access denied
error even thought the directory was chmoded 777, but after i have made the
"local" file_uploads to ON it is giving me this warning:

Warning: getimagesize: Unable to open '' for reading. in
/usr163/home/r/y/ryanknig/public_html/ads/ads_lib1.php on line 834

I have checked the path and it is perfect.....what do you think the problem

This server is on FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE while the others are on linux.

You can see the phpinfo files here if you want (first 2 are where the
software is working)


The people i am hosting with are very nice and i'm pretty sure they will be
willing to change my php.ini for me if needed, but i dont know what to ask
them to change in the first place...