I am creating a web-based instant messaging application using asp.net. I have a DLL of which I create an object. This object has some properties, methods and events. When I call a DoConnect Event method of this object it establishes a connection. The events of this object are fired. I want to know as how I can notify my web client application of those events. Also I want to know if that object will remain there or will be destroyed once my asp.net page is loaded

As I am creating an instant messaging application so in that case a web client will send a message to another user using the same web client. By web client I mean the IE browser window where I am going to have a text area where all the messages will appear and a text box where a user will type in the message to be sent to the other user and a "Send" button

I would like to know mainly as how I can get notified of the events of the object which has been created on the server

Please reply ASAP. This is very very urgent.