I need to quote a client on the following and need to know how much work is involved, ie hours. The

programming may be done in PHP (unless its easier to do it all with AS), and the so the .swf needs

to talk to other files on the server.

Requirments are as follows:

1. contact form that: validate form, generate email, generate SMS for cell phones

2. registration form that: validates form, checks record, stores record if new, creates and sets

cookie so they don't have to login next time, re-directs to appropriate page, sends email

confirmation, deletes record if bad.

3. "extranet": validate i/p, check group (user level), send to user group destination

I just need to know if this is a simple couple thousand dollar thing or a complex many thousand

dollar thing.

I can't guarantee anything (I don't write the cheques around here), and depending on the complexity

of it we may be looking to subcontract some of it out.

Email me directly at: [email]jonnynorthstudio.com[/email] if you can be of any help.