Currently I have a test Flash file that loads data from an XML file. The file
includes a combobox for selecting which array to view, a few text boxes, and a
data grid with a nested array of data. The combobox works great for changing
the selectedIndex, affecting all of the other components. I would like to
configure buttons that work like car stereo pre-sets, immediately jumping all
of the components to a specific index. I've tried various ways, such as making
the buttons change the selectedIndex of the combobox. Although that does work
on the combobox, it does not update the other components. I also tried adding
a DataSet component, but even when I bind the selectedIndex of all the
components to the DataSet, none of them care ? they ignore the selectedIndex
value of the DataSet. I?m sure there?s something relatively simple here that
I?m missing, and I was hoping someone could fill in the blanks. If you want to
see my source files, they are available using the following link:
[url][/url] Thank you in advance. James