Hi there all,
I got this w3d file were i noticed that in Maya if I have 2 or more models
that are the same exact size and has the same shader applied to it, the
exporter compresses the those models as 1 modelResource. However, I noticed
that when I change one of my models shaderList to a different color, it changes
the color of all the other models that have the same modelResource which I
don't want. So I came up with the idea knowing that I can use the handler
"cloneModelFromCastMember" in an empty 3d castmember will solve this issue.
However, not only does cloneModelFromCastMember clones the model and its
resource, but it also clones the shader that is applied to the original model.
So now after everyhing is cloned, I have the 6 original shaders plus 54
additional shaders in my cloned cast member which are unneccesary. All I need
is the orginal 6 shaders that are in my original 3d castmember. So I am just
wondering how you guys deal with all these cloned shaders? Do you delete them
after everthing has been cloned? I mean it seams dumb to have all of these
unneccessary shaders when they will not be used. On the other hand, it also
some sounds dumb that I would have to delete them. So I am not sure what to do
with these extra shaders. Any ideas?:confused;