I am in the process of designing a basketball website for kids from the age of
8 to 17.

I have a registration form that saves the Parent's information to a MSSQL

The next page that the user sees has to allow the parent to enter thier
child's information to be saved to the database.

I would like to give the parents a option form the registration form to enter
the number of children they want to register and that number would be used to
dynamically generate the form fields for thier children they want to register.

If the Parent wants to register 2 children, then it is indicated on thier
registration form, two sets of fields are generated on the following form to
enter the children's information.


Parent Form:

First Name: Eric
Last Name: Harrison
Email: [email]erichcihotmail.com[/email]
Password: website1
Address: 2021 Orchard Lane
Phone Number: 847-909-6326
Number of Children to Register: 2

Next form that displays will have two sets of fields for the parent to enter
children's information.


1st Child's Name: Bill Harrison
1st Child's Age: 11
1st Child'sGrade: 6

2nd Child's Name: Jill Harrison
2nd Child'sAge: 10
2nd Child's Grade: 5

I am on another machine and i do not have the code with me but if you can
sterr me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.


Eric L. Harrison