To Whom It May Concern :

We have two Solaris 2.8 SUN servers (E6500 & SunFire F6800)
which run
PowerPath VERSION: 2.1.0_b100 and PowerPath VERSION: 3.0.3_b030
repectively. Both servers have Veritas Oracle DB Edition 3.5 (i.e.,
VxVM & VxFS) with DMP enabled. Certain paths to controllers have been
under Veritas and they are in turn controlled by PowerPath.

We need to migrate all Veritas volumes from existing EMC
FC4700 Clariions to Hitachi 9585 array for these 2 servers.

My questions are below :

- Does EMC PowerPath software support load-balancing and fail-over
for LUNs in Hitachi 9585 storage array ??

- Can we re-use our current version of PowerPath software to manage
the LUNs in Hitachi 9585 storage array ??

- If not, what version of PowerPath do we need to upgrade to 4.2,
4.3, etc ?? Could we do "direct" upgrade without going thru
intermediate steps for our current version of PowerPath ??

- If we can't use any version of PowerPath softrware to manage the
luns in Hitachi 9585 array, Could you tell me what the procedure is to
remove the PowerPath and all power devices
for both server.