After an earlier post (topic: same object in different scenes sept/12/2003) I have created a movie with different 'off stage' 3D members and one 'on stage' 3D member. The 'on stage' member gets camera's from the 'off stage' ones to create different views. This all works pretty fine. Thank you again Medion.
Now I have one problem. I want to add a camera from my 'off stage' counter member, so the counter is visible. Then I want to walk through my 3D world. The counter should behave as a regular object. So it should get bigger if I walk towards it. I have already different things, but nothing seems to work. Here are some things I have tried:

--make the added camera a child of the main camera

--make the added camera a child of the main camera (different way)
sprite(1).camera(1).addChild(member("counter").cam era(1))

--make a group and make both camera's child (then I would move the group instead of the camera)
camgr = member("onstage").newGroup("CamGroup")

Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance,