One way would be to draw a circle centered on the clock face (you might just
clone an existing one) that meets the outer limit of the divisions (the
division lines must extend past the circle). Then select the division lines
and Cut them to the pasteboard. Select the circle and go to Edit>Paste
Inside. Remove the stroke to the circle.

Although its much, much easier to draw a single division line exactly as
long as you want it, choose the Mirror Xtra, select Multiple/Rotate, and
enter 60 for the number of steps. Click the cursor in the exact center of
the clock face and grin. Itıs done.

> Drawing a clock face, I have radiating lines from centre to the 'second'
> divisions, I now draw a circle for the outer limit of these, the lines going
> a little beyond, can I use the Punch command, or crop or something else to use
> the circle to cut the ends off the lines all in one go ? Furthermore having
> done this, I then draw another circle to form the inner limit of these lines,
> can I use it to crop and lose the lines from the centre out to the circle, so
> ending up with a ring of short lines, for the seconds on the clock ?
> Punch in fh7 only punches closed shapes I found. or am I doing something wrong
> ?
> Steve