I want to push on a form button in an HTML page and pass a query string
to the ASP.NET page Iím opening.

That query string has the parameter value for my stored procedure so it
knows what data to present in the resulting data grid. Iíve taken some
of the code
out from my asp page (e.g. connection string info) to make it shorter.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated? I've never used query strings
before and am having a hard time finding info on it on the web.


HTML Page Ė code on a button which calls the ASP page:

<form name="form1" method="get"
petency_name="Business Aen"">
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">

ASP.NET Page Ė uyp_querystring is the value Iím trying to collect from
the above html page. I want to pass it as a parameter to my stored

Dim uyp_querystring As
uyp_querystring = Request.QueryString

Me.conUYP = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection()
Me.daUYP = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter()
Me.cmdUYP = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand()
Me.DsUYP1 = New FDO.dsUYP()
System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize).BeginIni t()

Me.daUYP.SelectCommand = Me.cmdUYP
Me.cmdUYP.CommandText = "dbo.[prc_uyp_curriculum]"
Me.cmdUYP.CommandType =
Me.cmdUYP.Connection = Me.conUYP
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter("web_competenc y_name",
System.Data.SqlDbType.NVarChar, 50))
Me.cmdUYP.Parameters("web_competency_name").Value =

Machelle Chandler
Intel Corporation
Beginning .NET developer
Thanks in advance for the help!

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