I am in the process of replacing a SCO OSR 4.2 box with a 5.0.7
machine. One of the things I noticed on the original system is that
/dev/tty01 has been replaced with /dev/ttyvc0 and that some of the
application references this console with this device. So, on the new
server, I would like to te the same behavior.

I created the device with the command

mknod c 0 0 ttyvc0

and then in the inittab, I replaced tty01 with ttyvc0. So the
following lines got modified.

co:2345:respawn:/etc/getty tty01 sc_m
co1:1:respawn:/bin/sh -c "sleep 20; exec /etc/getty tty01 sc_m"

co:2345:respawn:/etc/getty ttyvc0 sc_m
co1:1:respawn:/bin/sh -c "sleep 20; exec /etc/getty ttyvc0 sc_m"

Now when I log in at the console, it does show ttyvc0 as my terminal.

What I am wondering is how this can otherwise impact my system, and
are there other areas that need changing?