This worked a few months ago, but since we did our coldfusion upgrade it's
hosed. I'm doing a help page for our company (for various fields in our
application) and the admins for the various business units can either accept
the standard text that corporate has published or create their own. I had been
doing a query, using UNION ALL, to pull both the standard text and the site
specific text and if the latter exists that's what gets displayed. This still
works, but it's truncating the data at 255 characters. Any idea how I can get
this to work again? I've attached the code that previously worked. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. Mike

<CFQUERY NAME="Def" Datasource="Exim_Dev" DBTYPE="ODBC">
SELECT FieldID, FieldName, FieldText, ECSTab
FROM StandardDescriptions
Where (ECSTab = '#InputTab#') AND (FieldID NOT IN
FROM SiteSpecific
Where (ECSTab = '#InputTab#') AND (Site='#Session.Site#')))


SELECT FieldID, FieldName, FieldText, ECSTab
FROM SiteSpecific
Where (ECSTab = '#InputTab#') AND (Site='#Session.Site#')

Order by FieldID