Hi there.
Thanks for reading the thread.

I am used to writing web services using C# in VS2005. Usually, after passing a
web reference to the IDE, the classes and methods of the web service are
available as genuine methods. This is great cause I can create WS object types
which are abstracted from their XML representaion.

So far in flash, I have not found a way to do this.

If a websevice returns an object that has methods on it, will I be able to use
these methods on the returned object in flash?

Here is a small example I am trying to get going (the WS is a public one I
found somewhere on the forum)


import mx.services.*;

testMethodLoadSuccess = function(result){

// Here I would have anticipated the return object to be have some
fields available like "Location" for example.
// Or do I have to p this XML in order to get to the Location info?

trace("Test method loaded.\n");

testMethodLoadFail = function(){
trace("Test method failed loading." );

webServiceLoadSuccess = function(){
trace("WebService loaded properly.");

webServiceLoadFail = function(){
trace("WebService failed loading.");

var pws = new WebService("http://www.webservicex.net/globalweather.asmx?WSDL");
pws.onLoad = webServiceLoadSuccess;
pws.onFault = webServiceLoadFail;

objectReceived = pws.GetWeather("Montreal","Canada");
objectReceived.onResult = testMethodLoadSuccess;
objectReceived.onFault = testMethodLoadFail;


I would be very greatful for anyone to point me on an older thread/link
somewhere on line. It would be great for my brain to get a jump start on how
webservices are meant to be used in Flash.

Thanks a lot.