I have just started adapting to version 2 components and I've been getting
some strange results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have a row of 5 buttons, each of which uses linkage to display a graphic
symbol as an icon. The buttons have no text labels and are the same size. When
a button is clicked, a non-modal popup Window is created which again uses
linkage to show a different graphics symbol. So here's the weird part:
[bullet]When the application is exported, the middle button (road_btn) is
displayed up and to the left so that it partly covers the first button. It is
also displaying a strange graphic symbol. Its popup window works fine,
[bullet]On export, the first button (geology_btn) looks fine, but clicking on
it triggers a recursive loop error which then (naturally enough) freezes the
application. It is falling over after creating and setting up the popup

I have double-checked all the symbols and link names. All the graphic symbols
are the same size, origin and orientation.

I'm stumped. Any thoughts?

Many thanks,
E-K Gulland

PS Here's the button event handling code I'm using at the moment:
// ************************************************** **************************
btnListener = new Object();
btnListener.click = function (evt)
var theButton = evt.target;
var graphicName; //name of graphic symbol to display
if (theButton == geology_btn) {
graphicName = "tableGeol";
} else if (theButton == road_btn) {
graphicName = "tableRoad";
} else if (theButton == flood_btn) {
graphicName = "tableFlood";
} else if (theButton == slope_btn) {
graphicName = "tableSlope";
} else if (theButton == population_btn) {
graphicName = "tablePopln";
} else {
graphicName = ""; //unrecognised button

//create popup
var popWin = PopUpManager.createPopUp(_root, Window, false,
popWin.title = titleName + " Map Data";
popWin.closeButton = true;
popWin.setSize (226,204);
popWin.addEventListener ("click", destroyer);
} //end button click listener
geology_btn.addEventListener ("click", btnListener);
road_btn.addEventListener ("click", btnListener);
flood_btn.addEventListener ("click", btnListener);
slope_btn.addEventListener ("click", btnListener);
population_btn.addEventListener ("click", btnListener);