Hi I was wondering if anyone had any information how to fix this or if has happened to them
when creating Vector shapes you can create maybe 2 or 3 of them then all of sudden they white out on the screen

here are the steps i've taken to get it to do this
1. Reboot computer
2. open director
3. select vector shape
4. drag to any size
5. select edge points and move to any position
6. change angle on edge points
7. change color to Gradient
8. change cycles to seven
9. add new vector shape
10. select any shape and drag to any size
11. select edge points and move them
12. ? Error / gone white ?
13. minimize (trying to correct whiteout)
14. restore
15. click on quick save
16. 060204ErrorDC (Save filename)
17. Program Freezes
18. Program not responding - End Now
19. Send report to Microsoft
C:\DOE~1\clada\Locals~1\Temp\WER2.tmp.dir00\Dir ector.exe.mdmp
C:\DOE~1\clada\Locals~1\Temp\WER2.tmp.dir00\app compat.txt

this all done on a Windows XP pro computer with 512 DDR, and 2.5 GHZ processor