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Duncan <> wrote:
> I am trying to determine what extensions I can get rid of and
> downloaded Extension Overload 5.9.9.There are numerous extensions for
> ATI graphics and I could not find what kind of card I have in my Beige
> G3.I went to the System Profiler and could not find the
> card.Thanks,Bill.
If you don't have a PCI graphics card installed, then the on-board ATI
graphics is either the Rage II (which is a Rev A G3) or the RagePro
chipset which is either a Rev B or C G3. System Profiler under Devices
and Volumes, display card, should show "ATI,mach64_3DuPro" if it is the
RagePro chipset, at least it does under OS 9.2.2. Keep all the ATI
extensions. I don't remember which ones you don't need so it's best to
keep them all.

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