I've a problem while creating web setup project using "Setup & Deployment
Projects" (for Web projects/Web setup). The following steps I followed
while doing so.

1. Created a web setup project in .Net and

2. Added a Programs File Folder under the File System on Target Machine.

3. Mapped all my project folders to Programs File Folder.

4. Built the solution and got the setup files.

5. Run the setup file

6. Virtual directory is created in IIS with no items

I have noticed the following things,

1. All our projects folders were created under C:\Programs Files Folder

2. Virtual directory is created in the root directory (C:\inetpub\wwwroot)
and all our project folders are created in C:\Program Files folder

and if I click on the virtual directory in IIS, it is showing no items
(No files).

I want the virtual directory to be created under program files (or where
ever the application is installed)

The problem is setup would be given to client where they try to install and
by default it gets installed in wwroot, which is not the way I want it.
Please let me know how to do that dynamically in the sense is there any way
so that I can install the application under program files by default as we
would do with desktop application.