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Vista 64 bit - Macromedia Flash Player

I have Vista 64 bit and I would like to know is there any way to get flash player to work on it...

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    Default Vista 64 bit

    I have Vista 64 bit and I would like to know is there any way to get flash player to work on it
    azjlp Guest

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    Default Vista 64 bit

    Here's my question I play on this poker sit that uses flash player, I am using
    Vista 64 BIT. On 64bit vista the flash player is installed in the syswow64
    folder instead of the system32 folder so the site thinks I do not have the
    flash player installed. Vista defaults to 32 bit on all programs that don't
    support. The sites support staff apparently cant figure out (or doesn't want to
    ) point there program to find & use the player. Any Ideas?

    tazcdevil Guest

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    Default Re: Vista 64 bit

    how are you using flash player on your 64 bit browser? i also have a 64 bit browser and am not able to download/use flash player?? tia
    neptune-klm Guest

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    Default Re: Vista 64 bit

    I'm not using it on a 64bt browser, vista 64 bit comes with both a 32 & 64 bit
    IE explorer. The default browser is the 32 bit one, I did have issues with
    getting it installed but solved that by down loading flash player & then
    installing it. the automatic install off there site didn't work. If you still
    have issues with it working go to the syswow64 file in windows find the player
    right click it & tell it to run as administrator. The only things I use 64bit
    on right now are games like Crysis.

    tazcdevil Guest

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    Default Re: Vista 64 bit

    i use vista ultimate x64. i dont use the x64 IE, i use the 32bit and flash works fine. installed to the right place and everything.
    tekster17 Guest

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    Default Re: Vista 64 bit

    tekster I do the same I have home premium & I only have issues with 1 site. Are you saying flash installed in sys32 instead of syswow64?
    tazcdevil Guest

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    Default Re: Vista 64 bit

    nope, mine instaled in the syswow64 and works fine
    tekster17 Guest

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    Default Re: Vista 64 bit


    Don't expect Adobe to release a version of Flash Player for Vista 64-bit. We
    64-bit Linux users have been requesting a version for our chosen OS and
    architecture since 2005. We have emailed technical support, petitioned them
    (our petition has over 100,000 signatures on it now) and some of us have even
    offered to work on the port ourselves - those of us with actual software
    development skills and experience, both of which seem to be missing at Adobe -
    to no avail. Their answer? "Use a 32-bit browser and everything works fine."
    Except that it doesn't. 32-bit browsers add an extra set of libraries to
    maintain. A Linux administrator - something most Windows users wouldn't even
    know or care about - has enough trouble maintaining one version of his software
    libraries, but along comes Adobe, demanding that we maintain another 32-bit set
    of libraries just to run their closed-source, overused, overvalued crappy
    software. Not that Microsoft has anything better. I humbly invite all 64-bit
    Windows users to support the Open Source Software Foundation and the projects
    to bring an Open Source Flash Player to market. Some of you may have to build
    a version for Windows XP 64 or Vista 64, but either way, you need to help us.
    Since Adobe is either too arrogant or too stupid to support us in our native
    environments, maybe we need to leave them behind. Let them develop the
    producers, we will develop the players. Actually, since they give the players
    away for free anyhow, it probably wouldn't matter if that was the way things
    happened. If they would allow Open Source development of the player software,
    they could stick to the process of making the production software. Oh, someone
    might be able to create a free version of their Adobe Flash studio, but it
    wouldn't have nearly the features of Adobe's own. How about it, Adobe? Are
    your CEO, CTO and CFO man enough - or woman enough as the case may be - to see
    that Open Sourcing your player software is a good thing? Maybe you can save a
    few man-hours by allowing the player code to go into community development.
    After all, you have to admit that you haven't exactly been rushing to get the
    player software out the door.:disgust;

    PhantasyConcepts Guest

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    Default Re: Vista 64 bit

    teckster, ty I have tracked the problem down to windows not allowing this on
    program access to the flash player ocx file. here's the error i get.

    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040154): Class not registered
    (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154

    when i tro to go in and modify the acess vista wont allow me to

    tazcdevil Guest

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