I have local net at home behind a firewall.+ DSL. Linksys BES41

have 2 servers ,both with working httpd web sets. port 80 and port 81
on second.no probs.

1st server has working vsftpd on port21/20 with pass thru set on
firewall (syslink router).
works perfect.

I desire to set up my server #2 box with vsftpd , too.
I suspect It must have its own unique ports (passive acts weird).
Two vsftpd servers on one sub net is got to be a contention on the
normal ports.

my question, how can I get this to work for outside access to my 2nd
Vsftpd server.
I used secure login FTP and not anonymous.

I cant find a word written anywhere on alternate ports for vsftpd.
just the man vsftpd.conf docs. but no elaborations , this topic.
could someone point me in the correct direction.
I have DNS service setup outside that I control, swaps Ports on the
fly. (use for web servers)
thank you all in advance.

Jelly the Hatchet.