My own fault, forgot to add the xtras for INetURL, Netfile & Netlingo.


[email][/email] (Chimpoid) wrote in message news:< com>...
> I have created a small director movie that runs fine in authoring
> environment.
> Added a little imported w3D file and applied a few shaders etc. with
> lingo.
> Isolated any moviescripts that call on w3d properties prior to loading
> and added a little loop in the main timeline to check that the w3d is
> ready (state = 4)
> It works fine unless I export it as a protected (.dxr) file and run as
> a MIAW in a stub projector.
> The checkReady script which checks the 3dMember uses a "go the frame"
> or "go next" loop while waiting for the 3dMember to achieve a ready
> state. Problem is that it never quite reaches that state.
> I have tried throwing the readyState to a text member on stage but it
> sits waiting continually and never reaches a ready state.
> w3D is internal with a little .preload script added to the main
> timeline to try and push it along.
> Anyone got any ideas?
> Thx in advance.
> Chimpoid