I run two Windows 2000 servers and never run into the 'Waiting for server. '
message - well, not for more than a moment or so. I have been employed to do
work on a Linux server of which I am not the administrator nor do I have access
to the server or it's settings. Somehow, someway, for some reason, I and other
developers for this site continue to encounter the 'Waiting for server'
message. Sometimes for a moment, but usually for many minutes and even hours as
Dreamweaver tries to upload my files to the server so I can test them or put
them into production. WHAT is causing this delay? I hear that if DW can't
easily ascertain the date/time, it will try to write a file, read the datetime
stamp, then delete the file. If so, where is it trying to do this? Is this a
permissions problem or is there something else I need to do to fix this? Thank
you for your assistance!! RLS