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> I'm having a little problem with the display on my WallStreet powerbook.
> About half the time, the screen boots with a series of horizontal lines
> across it that makes the content virtually unrecognizable; re-starting
> the computer returns the screen to a usable condition.
> Is this a known problem with the earlier PB's and/or is there a fix?
> The machine is a 233 mHZ with 166MB RAM, 67 mHZ bus and 512k of L2
> cache. The video is a Rage LTPro. I'm running OS X 10.2.3.
> tia for any tips.
> kevin
yes the problem is most likely the video cable, pinching the lower left
corner sometimes makes the screen come back quickly, the cable can be
replaced in 1/2 hour, but you will need to shop around to get a good price
(try some sites, think there is one called PowerBook parts)...