I've been using the "Wamcom" Mozilla 1.3.1 version for a couple of days
now - and have'nt been able to stop the constant dialing in when I start
the program. I've selected "blank page" in the preferences for the
startup page, turned the browser to "offline" before quitting etc... but
it still happens! Also, I'm pretty sure, Mozilla isn't even looking for
anything on the net - network activity is practically zero.

Another thing that happens (it's about the same field of problem) is,
that when I want to look for mails in then "offline" mode, the program
asks me if I want to go online and then almost surely gets stuck...

Anybody here with similar problems? Or maybe even a solution to the

Thanks for any replyers...

Bye, Torge.

torge anders - diplombastler/tinkering with a diploma
braunschweig - germany