I am having a problem executing long running queries from an ASP application
which connects to SQL Server 2000. Basically, I have batches of queries that
are run using ADO in a loop written in VBScript. This works pretty well
until the execution time of a single query starts to exceed some threshold,
which I am trying to narrow down. I can typically run 2 - 10 queries in a
loop, with the run time being anywhere from under a minute to an hour or
more. Now that this application is being subjected to run against some large
databases (25 - 40G), I'm having problems getting the application to
continue beyond the first query if it takes a while to run.

I used SQL Profiler to try to diagnose what was going on. I can see the
query executes to completion, but immediately after completing I can see an
"Audit Logout" message, which apparently means that the client has
disconnected. The query durations vary from 45 or 50 minutes to up to over
90 minutes. I have the ADO connection and query timeouts set to very large
values, e.g. 1000 minutes, so I can't think its that. My guess is that there
is some IIS setting or timeout that I am running up against and the
connection to SQL Server is just dropped for some reason.

The configuration is

NT 4.0 SP6
SQL Server 2000 SP3
IIS 4.0
Explorer 5.5

I'm only running into this problem on the very largest databases we run
against. The vast majority continue to function properly, but this is going
to happen more often as time goes on the databases continue to grow in size.

Any advice is appreciated,