I have written what I feel is pretty efficient code. First I execute an sp
and a recordset back. I then immediatly place the recordset into an array
using getrows.
I then close the connection and dipose of all the objects setting them to
after this I loop through the array and write out the results. I use
response.write for every line as I found this is more efficient that
concatenating strings all of the time and then writing the result out at the
I have used response.writ statment to write out the time before and after I
create and close the connection,
and also before I start and after I finishe loop though get rows.
The connection and execution of the sp takes roughly one second and the
writing out of the records takes roughly one second.
however the page takes about 5 seconds to load in my browser.
even after I have thepage loaded in my browser, if I press refresh then the
browser seems to pause for a few seconds and then the page appears.

I am running the browser from a development machine on the same network as
the IIS server.

I am using win2k3 and IIS6. is there an obvious setting that could be the
cause of the page taking so long to show in the browser.

most international web sites I view show almost instantly in my browser.
any help appreciated.