There needs to be a mother of all threads on here regarding
configuration of FileMaker Web Server Connector. The FM docs are
incomplete and inexact (or I am stupid), and I am hoping that this
newsgroup can build a usable FAQ/thread that can be a useful resource
for the next person making the migration from a straight Web Companion
service to FMWSC/Web Companion.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what happens here between
Apache/FMWSC and the Web Companion, and that lack of understanding
makes it difficult to figure out what to do with my former FM/Web
Companion configuration. It seems to me (so far) that the transition
can be accomplished by moving the web folder into the Apache root. But
nowhere do I see the cdml_format_files folder referenced in relation

But there are a few things that I lose in this configuration, such as
the ability to see a client's network address, unless I place a port
number (591) directly in the URL that the format file is referenced
from (the referring link). I've seen information on turning off
Apache's performance cache, and it is off for Apache. But adding the
port number to the URL seems to defeat the whole purpose of FMWSC.

Can someone please give their observations on FMWSC configuration?
Where your format files are placed (optimally)?

Disclaimer: I will have very little to contribute, and most of what I
contribute will probably be wrong.

Bob Crisler
Ashland, NE USA