I have been using Dreamweaver 3.0 for several years to create and maintain
my company's three separate websites. These sites, which are directories of
legal professionals, have been composed entirely of static html pages. I
have had no problems until now. I recently downloaded a trial version of
Dreamweaver MX in order to redesign the websites to make them database
driven using ASP. This is how they should have been set up in the first
place. I am confused about the web server setup and whether I have what I
need to get the job done.

Here is the current scenario: I upgraded to Windows XP Professional and
installed IIS for the web server. We subscribe to Verio's VPS (Virtual
Private Server) in which we are able to subhost several websites. I believe
the operating system on the remote server is FreeBSD. They offer a Solaris
server. Do I need that instead?

I want to be able to use MS Access or DBase table(s) to drive the websites.
I set up a test site and can't get the data to display. I followed all the
directions and created the proper connections, etc.

I'm also confused on the role of the directory C:\inetpub. I read that only
one web site can be set up in this directory, yet I have several. Do I need
to upgrade the operating system?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.