hello experts,

i am developing a windows application that uses web
services contained in a xml web service project in another
solution (to be in another machine later on).
(WS= Web Service)
I need to put all WS references under the same proxy class.
to do that i tried the following :

1-- i added the <hhtpHandlers> <add verb="*",.....
in the web.config file and from the windows app i tried to
add web reference by accessing the .vsdisco file. what
happened is : the wsdl files are added, the Reference.map
file lists all WS BUT the Reference.vb class contains only
one of them !!! WHY ???? how can i solve this problem??

2-- I used the wsld.exe to create all proxy classes .
in this case there is no proxyname.map nor .wsdl files!!

what is the difference between the two cases?

NB: i tried to group all classes (second solution) in a
class library and reference it to the windows project , i
run it and tried to change the source web service project.
then evry thing is fine. what do you think about this idea.

thanks in advance.