Hello all,

This is mostly a message for Dave Thomas. I just read your presentation
"What I did for Summer Vacation" (can't remember the exact title). I am
curious, you talk about how you ran into a few problems with sessioning. I
am wondering if the classes you developed can be posted in the RAA, or if
similar classes are now in existence.

I have been a PHP coder for a long time now and while its OO environment not
nearly as pristine as Ruby's, the convenient functionality that it makes
available to web programmers and its high performance is tipping the scale
in its favor for web development. But I'm really interested in branching
out and trying web development on Ruby. However, these types of tools make
an enormous difference. Right now, mod_ruby appears to be very much in its
infancy with little activity on the modruby.net web site.

Thanks for your time.

Carl Youngblood