I'm trying to diagnose a Contribute 3 problem for a user who's inside a school
network. They won't allow her to use FTP, so I enabled WebDAV on my server
(Windows Server 2003) and it works like a champ for me and for her when she's
at home, but she still can't connect when she's on the school network. Oddly
enough I *can* create a connection to the WebDAV directory using a network
place in Windows XP, which I thought used WebDAV as well. This works for both
read and write. When I try to connect from Contribute it still doesn't
connect. I even tried using a local connection option and pointing to the
network place folder but it says I don't have write permission to that folder.
I also tried connecting with DAVExplorer and it won't connect either. On my
Windows 2003 server all I did was create a virtual directory on the web site
that points to the webroot, and as I said above, anywhere but within the school
network this works. This is all running on port 80 (unless Windows does
something with ports when you follow their instructions for setting up WebDAV
that I'm not aware of). I suppose my question is this: is there a way to block
WebDAV traffic over port 80 *without* blocking regular http traffic? I'm
semi-new to the under-the-hood details of WebDAV so any additional info would
be greatly appreciated. I just want to troubleshoot as much as possible before
we get the network guys involved to see if they're blocking something. Thanks,
Matt Woodward