I am running into a problem with trying to use web services in a web
page. As an example I created a C# web service using the VS 2003
wizard, the only change I made was to remain the namespace and service
and uncomment the "HelloWorld" method. I compiled and tested this
using "SimpleService.asmx" file as my start page, which creates the
standard web page to invoke the service. This all works fine.

So now I want to use the service in a web page using the WebService
Behavior script and this is where I am running into trouble. The html
is pasted below

================================================== =================

<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
<title>SimpleService Test Page</title>

<script language="JScript">
var iCallID = 0;

fucntion Initialize()
//Create an instance of the web service and call it SimpleService


// Call the HelloWorld method
iCallID = service.SimpleService.callService(DisplayResults,


function DisplayResults(result)
var xfaultcode = result.errorDetail.code;
var xfaultstring = result.errorDetail.string;
var xfaultsoap = result.errorDetail.raw;

alert("Webservice call failed\nFaultcode = " + xfaultcode +
"\nFaultstring = " + xfaultstring + "\nFaultsoap = " + xfaultsoap);

alert("Webservice call success: " + result.value);
</script >

<body onload="Initialize()">
<div id="service" style="behavior:url(webservice.htc)"></div>

================================================== =================

So when this page loads it should call the method and display the
returned value. What I am getting is an error where the values are

Faultcode = Client
Faultstring = Service unavailable

I have tried using the actual path to the web service in the useService
call as per Microsoft docs but this still fails. I haven't resorted to
using a Windows Form to test the service as I need to access the
services via a web browser.

I've searched the web etc. but cannot find any solution. Can anyone
help me out here.