I have the current 6.0 beta of Eudora on OS X 10.2.6. Just this morning
(two days after I started using it) Eudora has started the mystifying
practice of announcing I have new mail every single time I check (I have
it set to check every 10 minutes, so lots of the time I don't have new
mail). This happens even when there is definitely no new mail. I have
sorted by read/unread and scanned all the unread messages to see if any
of them could be new. I am running Spamnix, but nothing is being
diverted into the Spamnix mailbox when I get the false message. I can't
think of where else they might be going (if they are arriving at all). I
am using IMAP by the way.

Thanks for any ideas about what's happening.

George Fowler