On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 04:13:27PM +0100, Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Colin J. Raven writes:
> > 1. Unless you *must* use telnet for some reason, it's a good idea to
> > turn it off.
> Telnet is port 23; this is port 61 (NI-MAIL, whatever that is). Whoever
> answers will be whatever program is listening on port 61, but it won't
> be a standard telnet daemon.
> --
> Anthony
I think it's important to note that tcp port 23 is not telnetd, and
telnetd is not tcp port 23. By convention telnetd uses this port, but
it's an arbitrary relationship. I'm not attempting to discredit
anyone's theories as to what the OP was actually trying to do, but just
for the record telnetd could potentially be running on _any_ port. I
only mention this to point out that the statement above may not be
correct in all configurations i.e. telnetd could be listing on tcp
port 61, though it's highly unlikely.


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