Bot-tastic writes:
> What color temperature should my monitor be set
> to when doing photo work?
The choice is yours. Common preferences include 5600 Kelvins or 6500
Kelvins, the color temperature of ordinary daylight, but some people
prefer a higher temperature (e.g., 9800 K, which is similar to an
overcast day). Hardly anyone uses lower temperatures, AFAIK.

When you are trying to match neutral grays, it's good to check the
actual saturation values in Photoshop. It also helps to set your
computer's color scheme to plain shades of gray, so that the colors of
windows and things do not throw off your sense of color. I set
everything on my PC to gray; if I need a neutral gray, I just set the
gray in the photo to match the color of the dialog box itself, and then
I know it's neutral.

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