>I have my web server on a os/x box. I know enough Mac & unix to be
>Not sure where the issue started, but mysql stopped working. I
>reinstalled with the Mac Package. However now my database is empty.
>So I know now the directory where mysql is installed - but where is
>the data? What would the filename be? Essentially I want to get my
>data out of whatever directory it's in and put it in my new install of
>I hope I'm going at this the right way...
You should use mysqldump to dump data from an old version and the
mysql command-line client to restore it to a new version. You didn't
say anything about the old and new versions of MySQL being different,
or not, or whether you were using InnoDB tables.

For MyISAM tables, generally the file names are of the form:


where $datadir is a constant for the particular installation
(/var/db/mysql in the FreeBSD MySQL port).