My ISP only supports the SMTPsvg.Mailer and I have the following code which
works great except for adding attachments. An exhaustive googe search for
an example has produced nothing useful and trying to guess what the command
might be took a lot of time and yielded nothing.

The file - GPC Assessment - Ronnie Bates.xls is a file on the server
in the root path. This code runs error free, it just doesn't do what I need
it to do.

I tried some of the following format as well -
Mailer.addAttachment upload.file("GPC Assessment - Ronnie Bates.xls").path
and all variations of parenthesis and quotes to no avail.

Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject ("SMTPsvg.Mailer")
Mailer.FromName = "Web Mail Test"
Mailer.FromAddress = "apc_assessengconcepts.net"
Mailer.Subject = "Upward Assessment " &
Mailer.BodyText = "The Supervisor is - " &
MailByWeb.fields.item("supervisor").value & " the rater is - " &
Mailer.RemoteHost = "mail-fwd"
Mailer.AddRecipient "test", "georgeengconcepts.net"
Mailer.addAttachment "GPC Assessment - Ronnie Bates.xls"
if Mailer.SendMail then

Thanks in advance