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> To fully cover what you're asking would take hours of writing. Nobody
> is likely to do that for you on Usenet when there are textbooks out that
> that will answer your questions. If you want a full understanding of
> this, find one of those textbooks. If you have a small specific
> question ("What's the difference between YIQ and YUV?"), you might get
> it answered here.

the culimination of modern color science, in color specification is CIE
hSL, these are the perceptual correlates by which artisans have always
specified color, hue, saturation, lightness, and, in a device independent
system, such is the optimal choice, for specification, and even order,
since the first ordering of color by Munsell, if you are building a closed
device oriented system, or propreitary closed system approach, then other
means of color specification and order can be used, such as SWOP CMYK, is
the most popular, in any aspect, as with Pantone, or CCIR709 RGB with
display monitors, etc., AND THERE IS NO GENERAL RECCOMENDATION in the
device independent sense, for a device centered model or system

now, the choice of a color space for a device, is defined by the device,
so I will not discuss this

the choice of space for encoding, is a perceptually distributed space, and
preferably the one with less computational error, from your working space
of color specification, hSL, so, hSL is the optimal space, should you want
to maintain the device independency of the file, if not, any perceptual
derivative of your working space will do, simply the one with the least
computational loss from what device space mentality you are trying to

now, for a device exchange space, or device interchange space, or profile
connection space, the same rules of computational error mininization apply
as with an encoding space, so hSL is the optimal choice here

now, the ICC, [url]www.color.org[/url] has chosen CIELAB instead of hSL, and you must
understand you need CIELUV to derive a saturation correlate, CIELAB has
not chromaticity diagram, and no percetual saturation correlate

and such decisions were made by ICC, in perpetuation of previous models,
like Adobe Photoshop, in order to "court" and "appease" certain "players"
wth vested interests in the CIELAB paradigm, at the beginning, but it is
most logical, that they evolve to hSL at this point

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