This is the wrong syntax for the CASE expression.
There are two valid kinds of CASE expression:

CASE <expression>
WHEN <value 1> THEN <result 1>
WHEN <value 2> THEN <result 2>
ELSE <alternative result> END


WHEN <true or false condition 1> THEN <result 1>
WHEN <true or false condition 2> THEN <result 2>
ELSE <alternative result> END

You have

CASE <you have nothing here>
WHEN <you have a condition here> THEN <result 1>
ELSE <alternative result> END

You either need CASE <something> ...
of CASE WHEN <not just a value, but a true/false expression>

Steve Kass
Drew University

Ray wrote:
>select address, 'State' =
> case
> when 'ca' then 'California'
> end
>from authors
>Server: Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 3
>Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'then'.
>Its seems right to me...