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Where is this 12.0.1 update? - Adobe Illustrator Windows

I've seen a couple people post messages talking about it, but don't see it in the downloads area??? Robert...

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    Default Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    I've seen a couple people post messages talking about it, but don't see it in the downloads area???

    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    Not there yet, nor at the FTP site.

    As I understand it, the only way you can update to 12.0.1 for now is from within AI 12 via Help | Update. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    OK, I got the update. There wasn't any release notes, so I have no clue as to what it updated. Hopefully somebody here knows whats up.
    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    It should have installed a Read Me file containing release notes.
    Teri Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    I found and read it. I was hoping it was going to fix my crashes when I save ai files, but it didn't. Fortunately I know what is causing the crashes, and have turned off that part of the save, the PDF part. of these days they will probably get around to fixin it. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?


    The only problem that I know of that can cause Illustrator to fail when saving with PDF compatibility is that if you leave the application running for 48 hours with no interaction (for example, if you leave it running in your office when you go home for the weekend), then the first Save you do with PDF compatibility (or even a Save as PDF) will crash. (A temporary folder that is required by the PDF library gets deleted by the OS if the computer is idle for that long.)

    If this is what you are encountering, then if you get in the habit of quitting Illustrator at the end of the day you should be OK for saving with PDF.

    If that doesn't sound like your situation, then you should inform Adobe of your problem, with as many details as possible about your system, your workflow, and your file content. I don't know of any other problem with saving as PDF. It is, after all, the default behavior, so in general it works.
    Teri Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    I guess I will have to inform Adobe of my problem. I get an error (or a complete crash) whenever I save an AI file that has text, unless the PDF compatibility is turned off. Other AI files that don't have text are fine. I have tested this on my system, and so whenever I need to save a file that has text I just turn off the PDF compatibility. I never leave my computer on when I'm not using it, so the PDF library time out would not apply.

    My system is:
    Windows XP Home SP2
    on a Toshiba Satellite M35X-S111 laptop
    with second monitor (27inch Westinghouse TV)
    Intel Celeron M processor 1500MHz
    1.5 GHz,736MB of RAM

    I usually don't run more than one program at a time. My computer is pretty loaded up with programs besides Illustrator CS2 that include:
    Photoshop CS2
    Golive CS2
    Flash MX 2004
    Microsoft Frontpage 2000
    Norton NIS/NAV 2005
    and more...

    I've never really needed to make a PDF out of a AI yet, so I don't mind turning off the PDF compatibility, but it would be nice to knwo that everything was working right.

    Robert Gottier Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?


    Here is where you can report problems to Adobe:


    Be sure to mention if this happens with every single file, even a blank doent, or only with certain kinds of files.
    Teri Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?


    I did report to Adobe, but the form says that they won't respond to my report. I will have to call them and see what's going on. Since I have Photoshop CS2 and GoLive CS2, there may be something going on within the CS2 family that is preventing me from saving the text as a PDF compatible AI. I ran in to my first experience where I needed the PDF compatible AI today, so I am now eager to try to get this fixed. I will leave a note here if I get it fixed.

    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?


    I just noticed that neither me nor anyone else has asked yet if you have deleted your AIPrefs file. I guess I just assumed that would have been the first thing you tried. If you haven't done so yet, please try that and see if it fixes the problem. (See FAQ #2.)
    Teri Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    Teri and Everyone,
    I spent most of the morning on the phone with Adobe technical support. We did all kinds of stuff, and then they said that even though I had uninstalled and reinstalled the program, I should do the uninstall/reinstall again, but with their special instructions. So they directed me to a manual uninstall instructions page here on the Adobe website, and I followed the directions for that. I also uninstalled ALL of the Adobe programs on my computer, even acrobat reader. I went through the registry, as instructed, and deleted everything they told me to delete. It was quite a deletion project let me tell ya. After all that, I installed Illustrator, and my PDF compatibility saving is working! Then I reinstalled my photoshop and golive and it is still working. I had to get to work, so when i get back home i will reinstall the Alien Skin plug-ins and the acrobat reader. I have no idea why the hardcore uninstallation fixed things for me, but I would recommend to others that this may be a way to clear up some of the other problems talked about here in this forum.
    So I am happy!
    Thanks for trying to help and listening to my problem,
    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?


    It is looking like I am going to have to do something very similar with Microsoft Office. Here at Adobe we switched email systems to an Exchange server a few weeks ago, and since the only Mac client for it that IS is supporting is Microsoft Entourage 2004 (which is part of the Office 2004 suite), I had to upgrade my MS Office. And ever since then I have not been able to download or send any mail. I get a message that some Microsoft common library is missing or invalid. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling using the installer and it didn't work. Our IS department has said they're going to get instructions for a manual uninstall from Microsoft where you poke around finding every file it installs and getting rid of them.

    So far they have not got back to me so I am still reading my email on the Outlook Web Server, which is a royal pain. Nobody else at Adobe had this problem with the switchover.

    I don't know why installations sometimes go bad for some people and work for almost everyone else.
    Teri Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    BTW, here is the link to the manual uninstall page for Illustrator CS2:


    On the top of that page is a link to the manual uninstall of all creative suite 2 programs, which is how I figured out how to wipe adobe completely off my computer.

    Good luck!

    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    I'm wondering if that uninstall to fix things procedure has something to do with Windows itself.

    We were having some headaches with one of two new Pentium D systems we installed in our studio. It had an integrated Gigabit Ethernet port. But the thing didn't work right. Every time the computer was booted or restarted you would have to go into network properties and fiddle with some settings to get the card to see the other computers on the network. The only way we were able to fit the problem was by doing a complete system restore.

    I downloaded the Illustrator ".0.1" patch last night, via the Updates menu from within Illustrator CS2. I tried to use Version Cue first, but it only showed Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.3. From within Illustrator, I downloaded the AI update as well as an update for InDesignCS2. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    Yes, it very well could be a windows problem. In my case, I am guessing that since my reader and photoshop were upgraded on my computer, there may have been some conflict/confusion regarding the PDF compatibility. I don't even claim to know how it works, but I'm glad it works now. When it wasn't working, I was not able to copy and paste vector art from Illustrator to Photoshop. The tech support at Adobe set me in the right direction, and if it wasn't for them, I would still be working with a broken Illustrator. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    Does anyone else have this problem. I save my file in Illustrator,then as a pdf. When I view it in adobe reader, the size of my changes. It is not an exact te. Any help, please? Thank you. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    Lyne, you might want to start a new topic in the forum on this, because it may be overlooked here. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    Thanks for trying to help. The width and height in doent setup changes in the pdf. It will be smaller or larger. Rarely will it remain the exact same size. It is mu understanding, the illustrator file should be exactly the same. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    I just want a copy of the 12.0.1 update so I don't have to keep downloading it everytime some program goes south and chooses to take out all the other programs around it. Guest

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    Default Re: Where is this 12.0.1 update?

    When I run the Updater from the Help menu it tells me there are no updates available! Anyone else have this problem? Guest

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