Hi Surf,

One of the things you can do on the Kodak site is compare cameras to each
other. You might want to try visiting the kodak site


You will be presented with three comparison options. Choose the first
option to view the list. The 4300 and 4230 are next to each other. Both
are pretty good, and I always consider what I am really going to do with my
pictures. I choose the camera that fits the need. You might consider that
process too?

Talk to you soon, Surf,

Ron Baird

"Surfsup" <surfsupblueyonder.co.uk> wrote in message
> There is a special offer on at the moment at PC world ( UK )
> Both the Kodak CX4300 and the Kodak DX4230. The CX4300 is 3mp and the
> is 2mp ( although PC world in their wizdom have listed both as 3mp ).
> Both are 149.89 inc Vat.
> What I want to know is, is it worth going for the 2mp camera with 3x
> and 2x digital zoom or the 3mp with 2x digital zoom ?
> From what ive read the 2x digital is next to useless but to be quite
> I dont know the difference between optical and digital.
> I probably wouldnt be printing anything bigger than 10x8 which I believe
> should be fine on a 2mp camera. So for me the DX4230 with optical zoom
> be the way to go.
> Which should I get if any or is there something better available for that
> price ?
> Any help would be very much appreciated.