Although white LEDs appear to be white (bluish white), the spectrum is made
up of blue line and yellow band components. The line is fairly broad for an
LED, but it's still a line. The resulting light may, depending on the exact
design, be lacking in the green and red areas of the spectrum. That may
cause problems, but it's still worth the experiment. Let us know what

"E Pericoloso Sporgersi" <> wrote in message .
> Hi people,
> The traditional light source for dental photography is the ringlight. The
> constant light (Samigon Halo-Light FRL-1), the more sophisticated pulse
> (Sunpak DX12R and DX-8R) and the fibre-optic based model (Olympus
> offer pre-exposure lighting for better focusing. But the cost of a digital
> body, dedicated macro lens and ringlight is quite high, and these things
> bulky, heavy and power hungry. Of course the photographic quality is
> but it far exceeds my needs. In my case a cheaper and more humble system
> much more sense.
> I recently bought a moderately priced, all-purpose digital camera, which
> features a superb zoom lens with adequate macro capability. Unfortunately,
> built-in flash is useless for close-up work and it lacks an external flash
> synchronisation.
> But do I actually have to use a pulse flash for dental photography? Is a
> constant light source not just as good, provided there is no heat and no
> of bulb explosion?
> I am convinced that, for real close-up work, a ring of white light LEDs
> perform as well, but would, in weight, compactness and power consumption
> resoundingly beat the traditional ringlight. I can think of only one
> disadvantage: the color spectrum might be off, but the white balance can
> automatically corrected by the camera's internal software.
> Searching on the net, I found several brands and designs of LED
ringlights, but
> only one specifically designed for photography. Unfortunately the Nikon
> Ringlight can not be made to fit my camera's lens. So I shall have to
> one myself.
> construction:
> [url][/url]
> testpics:
> [url][/url]
> [url][/url]
> [url][/url]
> [url][/url]
> [url][/url]
> What do you think about the feasibility of my project. I would also very
> appreciate your advice.
> Please send your reply in dutch, english, german or french.
> TIA,
> Francis
> Mol, Belgium
> --
> Francis Kennis, aka Pericoloso Sporgersi
> [email][/email]